Corporation details - Imperial Academy [IAC]
Alliance: None CEO: Mierisi Ratmoh
Kills: 384 HQ:
Losses: 130 Members: 904982
ISK destroyed: 414.84B Shares:
ISK lost: 6.18B Tax Rate: 11%
Efficiency: 98.53% Website:
The Imperial Academy is rooted in tradition and generally considered sub-par to the more modern military institutes found in the other empires. However, it is the only one of its kind within the Amarr Empire, thus serving a vital function.
Top Killers
October 2018
Pilot Kills
All time
Pilot Kills
Wilona Dimaloun 1. Wilona Dimaloun 104
Gabriel Garrett 2. Gabriel Garrett 80
Rogueshadow 72 3. Rogueshadow 72 24
Amarr Citizen69666 4. Amarr Citizen69666 17
Amarr Alpha Red 5. Amarr Alpha Red 16
Amarr Citizen13711 6. Amarr Citizen13711 15
Tara Vitus 7. Tara Vitus 13
Fulgrim the Phoenician 8. Fulgrim the Phoenician 13
Javandia Khashour 9. Javandia Khashour 12
Lex Rinah 10. Lex Rinah 10
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