Corporation details - Pact Of Honour [POH]
Alliance: Red Alliance CEO: sabercat07
Kills: 9544 HQ:
Losses: 666 Members: 57
ISK destroyed: 3,738.51B Shares:
ISK lost: 98.77B Tax Rate: 0%
Efficiency: 97.43% Website:
Everything is nothing without Honour.

Timur Petrov "Sitxa" the founder of Pact of Honour has tragically died in air crash.
We remember and grieve.

Трагически погиб в авиакатастрофе основатель корпорации Тимур Петров "Sitxa"
Светлая память
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Snegom stat 1. Snegom stat 113
zindeimon 2. zindeimon 51
Maggistr 3. Maggistr 13
SenecaLucius 4. SenecaLucius 13
StealGuard 5. StealGuard 11
Klaus Makanen 6. Klaus Makanen 9
Celestra Copper 7. Celestra Copper 4
Mayumi Yuki 8. Mayumi Yuki 4
Dev Prime 9. Dev Prime 4
Hartke Anzomi 10. Hartke Anzomi 3
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