Corporation details - SergalJerk [LEYIF]
Alliance: Test Alliance Please Ignore CEO: Dreeken
Kills: 1408 HQ:
Losses: 216 Members: 200
ISK destroyed: 2,108.82B Shares:
ISK lost: 25.28B Tax Rate: 13%
Efficiency: 98.82% Website:
SergalJerk is EVE's premier furry corporation!

We're a PvP centric corp, focusing on small gang PVP, covert ops/bombers, and generally shooting anything that moves.

To join drop by our public channel:
TEST Sergals (ingame) or on Telegram and speak to a recruiter! Appliction instructions can be found here. Importantly note that any application must be accompanied by an application on TEST Alliance's auth system.


Directors: Xolani (EU), Carbon Nass (US), Chesdeer (US)
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